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Move your merchandise without a worry 

At Oasis Freight Transport we specialize in effective and efficient movement. With Oasis at the wheel you can be sure that your merchandise will arrive well and on time. 


LTL shipping is the best way for small freight to get moved and at OFT we make that job easier than ever. With our experienced network of carriers and top of the line freight agents, we can provide you with quality service and on time delivery, for the best price.


With over 20 years of heavy haul trucking with our own assets and an amazing network of owner operators; We provide an excellent standard of service for heavy haul/oversized loads which is a unique and specialized service that requires high knowledge and high communication.


Power only trucking is a great way to organize your freight. At Oasis Freight Transport, we are connected to a network of carriers that are able to best suit your needs. Our industry knowledge allows us to provide the best rates for our customers.


Our qualified agents are available 24/7 to provide you with reliable transportation in a timely manner. We have built secure relationships with a large network of carriers that work with the highest standard and dependability. We pride ourselves in competitive rates and dedication to each load with the best customer service. We provide a large number of truckload equipment from van to Conestoga to flatbed.


With over 500 carriers across the country, we are able to move all your loads at ease. Communication is an integral part of our success and you best believe that with Oasis, you will be aware of your shipment at all moments. 


At Oasis Freight Transport we work with a large network of Port customers and have developed a large amount of experience and knowledge. With our experience we are able to provide you with quality fair rates.

Transform your supply-chain with
Oasis Freight Transport

Contact an expert in logistics and obtain a personal solution for your business. 

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